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Right Now, there are hundreds of people searching for YOUR services in YOUR area...

Can you identify them by name? Because we can..

Most Businesses are paying to market to an entire audience, hoping that they reach a few potential customers. This can waste valuable time and money...

We know the PEOPLE who are ready to buy your products. So you can speak with them directly, before anyone else

Our proprietary technology identifies individuals to predict In-Market behavior. 

YOU decide…no more reliance on Facebook/ Google. You have control.

Lower CPCs & Lower Ad Costs.

Higher Click Throughs – Results Skyrocket.

More relevance for our hyper-targeted audience.

Less reliance (no reliance) on the actual platform, like FB or Google

You get to target competitors customers! When they’re ready to buy.



- Show more ads than your competitors

- Control the conversation

- Be top of mind and the first

choice when your customer pulls the trigger.

- Gain an unfair advantage in your market and be The King of Your Mountain!


Our technology tracks online user behavior, and then goes back in time after a purchase to see what they did before they bought.

Once we have a pattern of what they do before they buy, we can find others who are exhibiting this exact buying behavior right now in your area, near your business.

Our system tracks 225 million USA-based internet users based on their URL and keyword behavior.


our mission

We are on a mission to turn one company per industry & area into the market leader with a competitive advantage exclusive to you.